Kurdistan Region Vice President Mustafa Said Qadir


Mustafa Said Qadir serves as the Vice President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since September 2019.  He was born on December 18, 1958 in Qaladize district, Sulaymaniyah province and became politically involved in the Kurdish struggle at a young age, and was a political prisoner under the Baath regime. 

He held numerous senior positions within Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, including membership in PUK’s politburo.  He’s currently a senior leader of the Goran Movement. 

He became a member of the newly established parliament after the Kurdistan Region held its first election in 1992, and he was appointed as minister of interior in Sulaymaniyah administration in 1998.  Vice President Mustafa also served as minister of Peshmerga in the 8th cabinet of the Kurdistan Region Government

His political vision is to have a region that enjoys political and financial stability, social justice and a strong national security. He has ambitions to build a unified, national and strong peshmerga force, protecting the region and sustaining its own constitutional rights within the federal republic of Iraq.

Vice President Mustafa earned his degree in Agriculture at the Technical Institute of Agriculture in Baghdad in 1979. He enjoys swimming and nature. He is married with five children, three sons and two daughters.

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